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Baardt, Pieter Deugden Spoor 1634, 1645

(Path of virtue)

Anon Apocalypsis Goliae ed. Mathaeus Flacius Basel: Lucius 1557

Part of this collection of medieval satirical poetry, this was one of the most popular of the genre in the Middle Ages.

Anon Pasquillorum Tomi Duo Elenthenopolis: 1544

Fictitious place name; could be London, Amsterdam or Basel

Anon Satyres Chrétiennes de la Cuisine Papale Geneva: Badius, 1560

Ariosto, Lodovico Sette libri di Sattire Venice: F. Sansovino, 1560

Badius, Jacodus Ascensius. Nauis Stultifere Collectanae Paris: J. Badius Ascensius, for himself and the de Marnef Brothers, 18 Feb. 1500.

First edition. Another edition, Paris: J. Badius Ascensius, for himself and the de Marnef Brothers, 1 July 1513. His text is not an adaptation of Sebastian Brant's famous satire, but an original work on the same theme. The six woodcuts illustrate respectively Adam and Eve in the ship of fools and the foolish virgins entering the ships pertaining to the follies of the five senses.

Barclay, John Euphormionis Lusinini sive Joannis Barclaii Satyricon Leiden: Elzevir, 1637

Bentivoglio, Ercole Le satire et altre rime piacevoli Venice: Gabriel Giolito, 1546

Collection of six satires, each to a different dedicatee, and four other poems.

Blessebois, Pierre Corneille Oeuvres satyriques Leiden: 1676

Boileau-Despreaux, Nicolas Nouveau Receuil de Pièces Galantes Cologne: 1665

1st edition of two of the satires.

-----------------------Les Satires de Sieur D**** avec le ... Amsterdam: Wolfgang, 1677

-----------------------Oeuvres Diverses Paris: Denys Thierry, 1701

-----------------------Satyrische Gedichte Gosslar: Johann Christoph König, 1729

First German edition.

Last edition published during the author's lifetime.

Bouchet, Jean Les Regnards Transversant le Perilleuses Voyes des Folles Fiances du Monde Paris: Verard, nd (c1504)

This was advertised as being authored by Sebastian Brant, which occasioned a lawsuit between Bouchet and his publisher.

Bougeant Guillaume-Hyacinthe, S.J. Amusement Philosophique sur le Langage des Bestes Paris: Chez Gissey, 1739

Brant, Sebastian Narrenshiff 1494

Another edition Basel: Sebastian Henricpetri, 1574

------------------------Navis stultifera Basel: Lamparter, 1506

4th edition: 114 woodcuts by A. Dürer

------------------------Ship of Fools Barclay, Alexander trans. 1509

Second edition, English translation, London: J. Cawood, 1570

------------------------Le grand nauffraige des folz Paris: Denys Janot, s.d.

------------------------La Nef des Folz du Monde Lyon: Balsarin, 1498

Butler, Samuel Hudibras London: 1693-4

A satire of Puritanism. Earlier edition 1663-1678.

Canterbury, Nigel of (Whitacre) Speculum Stultorum

(Mirror of Fools)

Casaubon, Isaac De satyrica Graecorum poesi et Romanorum satyra Paris: 1605

Chorier, Nicolas Les dialogues de Luisa Sigea Paris: Isadore Liseux, 1881

400 examples of erotic satires.

Coquillart, Guillaume Les Oeuvres Paris: Galliot du Pré 1532

Curio, Celio Secundo Pasquillorum Tomi duo Basel: J. Oporinus, 1544

Barclay, John Euphormionis Lusinini Sive Joannis Barclaii Satyricon Leiden: , 1637

de Barry F. Habert Les Sermons Satiriques du Sententieaux Poète Horace Paris: Fezandat et R. Granjon, 1551

Dryden, John Absalom and Architopel London: Davis, 1681-2

2nd part of the poem is doubtfully by Dryden

------------------------The Satires of Decimus Junius Juvenalis London: Jacob Tonson, 1693

------------------------The Medal, a Satyr against Sedition London: Mills, 1709

------------------------Mac Flecknoe; or, A satyr upon the True-Blew-Protestant Poet, T.S. 1682Erasmus, Desiderius Stultitiae Laus Basel: Genathianis, 1676

First edition, Basel: 1511
Another edition, Basel: Aldus, 1515; Another edition, Basel: Froben, 1516

Filelfo, Francesco Satirae Milan: Valdarfer, November 1476

Freeman, Thomas Rubbe and A Great Cast London: Montforde, 1614

Fresnaye J.V. de la Le Discours pour Servir de Prefáce sur le Sujet de la Satyre N.P, 1604

Geiler, J. (von Kaisersberg). Navicula, sive speculum fatuorum, cum figuris Argent: 1511

-----------------------Welt Spiegel oder Narren Schiff Basel: Henricpetri, 1574

Based on Sebastian Brant's "Ship of Fools"

Goddard, William Satirycall dialogue [Dort]: Imprinted in the Lowcountryes, 1616

----------------------A Mastif Whelp Imprinted amongst the Antipedes, 1599

-----------------------A Neaste of Waspes Dort: Printed in the Low-countreyes, 1615

Hall, Joseph Virgidemiarum 1597

A book of satires in verse divided into six sections

Heinsius, Daniel Satirae Duae Leiden: Patius 1609

2nd edition

de Hooghe, Romeyn Esopus in Europa Amsterdam: Sebastian Petzold, 1701-1702

First edition of this rare collection of twenty-six satirical "fables." The total number of the pamphlet numbered forty.

La Complainte de Nouveau Mariée Paris: Tréperel, sd (1492?)

2nd edition. 1st also by Tréperel

Kochanowski, Jan Threny 1580

Polish lament.

Leenheer, Jan de Theatrum Stultorum, Tooneel der Sotten 1669

Lenglet-Dufresnoy, N. Le Cabinet Satyrique Amsterdam: Apollon, 1697

Lipsius, J. Satira Menippaea 1581

Italian edition, 1593.

Lodge, Thomas Wits Miserie London 1596

A satirical treatment of the seven comtemporary deadly sins.

Lucian di Samosata Gli Dilettevoli Dialogi Florence: 1496

First edition. Twenty-one editions of individual dialogues before 1500. More than 330 published in France alone before 1600.

Marot, Clément Les Blasons anatomiques di corps feminin Paris: L'angelier, 1543

Murner, Thomas (1475-1537) Narrenbeschworung 1512


Persius Flaccus, Aulus Satyrae Paris: Badius Ascensius, 1523

----------------------Satirarum liber Paris: Drouart, 1605

First edition of Casaubon's epoch-making Persius, with his monumental commentary.

Starter Steeck-Boecxken 1624

No 17th century edition preserved. Based on an emblem book Openhertighe Herten, but on the subject of fools. There are 18th century editions.

Rollenhagen, Georg Froshmeuseler Magdeburg: Gehn, 1595

Long satiric poem in which the protagonists are animals


Baudouin de Sebourc A parody of the Chanson de Gestes


Albertus, Erasmus L'Alcoran des cordeliers Geneva: de Laimarie, 1578.

French and Latin edition. Anti-Catholic satire

Anon Cabinet Satyrique

Anon Le triumphe de Haulte folie Lyons: Antoine Volant, c.1550

Anon Satyre Menipée de la vertu du Catholicon d'Espagne Paris: 1593 (1632?)

Second edition. Celebrated anti-Spanish satires that turned into absurd theatre.

Anton, Robert The Philosophers Satyrs London: Printed by T.C. and B.A. for Roger Iackson, 1616

Barclay, John Satyricon Paris: 1605

A satirical novel. Six parts published over many years--the last posthumously which may be spurious. Three of the parts actually written by others.
First complete edition 1628
Another edition Amsterdam: Guilielm. Blaeuw, 1634
Another edition Lyons: Elsevis, 1634
Other editions 1655, 1658

Boeckler, Georg Andreas Theatrum machinarum novum Cologne and Nuremberg: Paul Fürst, 1662

Boileau-Despreaux, Nicolas Les Satires de Sieur D**** avec Le Traite du Sublime Amsterdam: Wolfgang, 1677

Brant, Sebastian Badius Ascensius, Jodocus Navis Stultifera Basel: Nicolaus Lamparter, 1506

The work as found here is textually quite different from Brant's. Badius's version consists of Latin poems containing many allusions to, and even quotes from, the Latin classics.
Second edition English translation The ship of fooles London: J. Cawood, 1570

Codde, P. Roma Perturbata Compagnie, 1706

Cohausen, Johann Heinrich Dissertatio Satyrica physio-medico-moralis Amsterdam: Oosterwyk, 1716

Curio, Caelius Pasguin in a Trance 1566

Anti-Catholic satire on politics and censorship

-----------------------Pasquillorum tomi duo Basle: 1544

Includes Erasmus unpublished satire of Julius II, "Julius Exclusus e Caelis". Very rare, only 2 copies remaining. Heinsius bought a copy in the 17th century for 900 gold ducats!

Dedekind, Friedrich (1525-1598) Grobianus 1549

Ger. satire against the coarseness of the times

Dekker, Thomas The Guls Hornbooke 1609

Satire of contemporary London life

-----------------------Seven Deadly Sins of London 1606

Personifications: Sloth etc drawn as in a Triumph

Des Périers, Bonaventure Cymbalum mundi Amsterdam: Prosper Marchand, 1632

1st edition. Another edition, Amsterdam: Marchand, 1732.

D'Esternod, Claude L'Espadon Satyrique Brussels: Bleugart, 1680

Dorne, John Catalogus Librorum Aulicorum (The Courtier's Library) 1650
---------------------Ignatius his Conclave 1611

Dusart, Cornelius Les Héros de la Ligue Paris: Peters, 1691

Erasmus, Desiderius Ciceronianus 1528

Satire on Latin Scholarship 

Estienne, Henri Herodotus 1566

This was a Latin edition of Herodotus, with an apologia accompanied by a French version. This "Apologie pour Herodote," satired contemporary society and Catholocism by comparing it to the credulity of Herodotus' histories.

---------------------World of Wonders London: J. Norton, 1607

2nd ed. Edinburgh: Hart & Lawson, 1608

Filelfo Francesco Satyrae Milan: Valdarfer, November 1476

Fischart, Johann Der Flbhartz 1573

Satiric poem on women

--------------------Geschichtsklitterung 1575

German adaptation of Rabelais' Gargantua. Fischart was also called Elloposcleron, Huldrich.

---------------------Das glickhafft Schiff von Zijrich 1576  

Satire of journey from Zurich

Folengo, Teofilo (1496-1544) Opus maccaronicum Venice: Dominic de Imbertus, 1585     

Satirical Latin poems on contemporary romantic epics

Foquelin, Antoine Auli Persii Flacci Satyras commentarius Paris: A. Wechel, 1555

First edition of Fouquelin's commentary on the Satyrae

Gascoigne, George The Steele Glas 1576

Verse satire

Geiler von Kaisersberg, Johann Navicula sive speculum fatuorum Strasburg: Prüss the Elder, 1511.

Second Latin edition of Geiler's Narrenschiff. First edition 1494. Illustrated. About a third of the woodcuts are credited to Albrecht Durer.

Gryphius, Andreas Horribilicribri fax

Satirical comedy about Germany after the war

Hall, Joseph Virgidemiarum 1594
---------------------Mundus Alter et Idem 1605

Harington, Sir John The Metamorphosis of Ajax 1596

A satire of English court life for which he was banished.

Heinsius, Daniel Satirae duae Leiden: Joannis Patius, 1609

Hugenotten Satyre Menippée de la vertu du Catholicon d'Espagne Paris: 1594

Hutton, U. von Dialogi. Fortuna.Febria prima. Febria secunda. Trias Romana. Inspicientes Mainz: Scheffer, 1520

Juvenal Satyrarum libri V & Persius Flaccos Satyrarum libri I Antwerp: Plantin, 1565

Another edition Paris: Regia, 1644

Another edition Amsterdam: Wetstenium, 1684

Another edition Venice: Simon Bevilaqua, 1496

Another edition Venice: Johannes Tacuinus de Tridino, Feb 14 1494/5

Juvenalis, Decimus Junius Opus nunc demum ab omnibus mendis purgatum, and pluribus collatis exemplaribus suo candori restitutum interprete Ionne Britannico Venice: Bindoni ad Pasini, 1548

---------------------Satyrae Venice: Baptista de Tortis, 1482

Another edition, Venice: Aldi Augusto, 1501; Another edition, Juvenal and Persius Flaccus, Thomas Farnaldy and Rodericus ab Oviedo eds., Madrid: Typographica Regia, 1775

Kochanowski, Jan Threny 1580

Polish lament

La Bruyere Les Caractéres de Theophraste Paris: Estienne Michallet, 1690

Cinquième édition originale

Langland, William The Vision of Pierce Plowman London: Owen Rogers, 1561

Les Amours d'Anne d'Autriche Cologne: Guillaume Cadet, 1692

Other editions: Cologne: P. Marteau, 1693; Cologne: 1696; Cologne: Guillaume Cadet, 1722; Cologne: Pierre Marteau, 1730

Lindsay, Sir David Ane Satyre of the Thrie Estaits 1540

A morality play

Lipsius, J. Satyra Menippeae Antwerp: Plantin, 1581

Lucian of Samosata Deorum Dialogi numero 70 Strassburg: Johannes Schott, 1515

First edition. One of the first Greek books printed in Germany

Lyly, John Alexander and Campaspe

May, Thomas The Life of a Satyrical Puppy Called Nim London: 1657

Nashe, Thomas Pierce Pennilesse His supplication to the devil 1592

A satire

------------------The Isle of Dogs 

A satirical comedy

------------------Lenten Stuffe 1599

------------------In praise of herring

Palingenio Stellato, Marcello Stellati Poeta Lyon: Tornaesium & Gazeum, 1556

A long satirical poem attacking the follies, prejudices and morals of the time.

------------------The Zodiake of life London: Newberie, 1567

Persius, Aulus Flaccus Aulus Flaccus Persius cum Glosis Scipionis Ferrarii Giorgii Filii de Monte Ferrato Artium et Medicine Doctoris Venice: Jacobus Pentius de Leuco, 1505

Petit, Louis discours satyriques Rouen: L'Allemant, 1686

Petronius, Arbiter, T. Satyricon quae Supersunt cum Integris Doctorum Virorum Commentariis Utrecht: Water, 1709

Rabelais François Les Oeuvres...de Gargantua et de son Fils Pantagruel Lyon: Jean Martins, 1586

< Another edition, Paris: Dalibon, 1823.

--------------------Gargantua and Pantagruel

(English Translation by Urquhart of Cromarty)

--------------------Les Songes Drolatiques de Pantagruel Paris: Edqin Tross, 1869

First Edition 1565. Second edition 1823 as volume IX of the Johanneau edition of Rabelais's works. Tross's is the third edition.

Philelphus, Franciscus (ed) Satyrae Milan: Valdarfer, 1476

--------------------, and Huldrich ElloposcleronAffentheuerliche Naupengeheuerliche Geschichtklitterung Strassburg: Bernhard Jobin, 1600

The last printed in the sixteenth century. A reprint of the expanded and revised edition published by the author in 1590.

Regnier, Mathurin Les Satyres Leiden: Elzevier, 1652

Rimbault, E.F. (ed) Cock Lorell's Bote: A Satirical Poem

le Roux, Philibert Joseph Dictionnaire comique, satirique, critique, libre et proverbial Amsterdam: Le Cene, 1718

le Roy, Pierre La Satyre Menipee de la vertu du Catholicon d'Espagne Tours: 1594

A satire on religious wars.

Rufus, Martianus, Ulrich von Hutten, et al. Epistolae obscurorum virorum 1515

A satire of scholarship written in dog Latin.

Scarron, Paul Scarron's Comical Romance 1665

First translation into English and published as an octavo. Second edition, a folio, in English of Scarron's wonderful satire, London: Crocke, 1676

Schliemann, H. Stadt und Land der Trojaner Leipzig, Brockhaus, 1881

Scot, Thomas Philomythie or Philomythologie London: 1616

Second Edition 1622

Skelton, John Colin Clout and Why Come Ye Nat to Courte? 1522

Satires against the rising power of Cardinal Wolsey

Sonnet Thomas Satyre Contre les Charlatans et Pseudomedicins Empyriques Paris: Jean Milot, 1610

Sorel, Charles Le Berger extravagant 1627 

Satirical novel

Tassoni, Alexandre La Secchia Rapita Ronciglien, 1624


Alain de Lille de Planctu Natura late 12th century

(The Complaint of Nature) attacks homosexuality

Anon The Stage-Players Complaint 1641

Arden of Faversham The Complaint and Lamentation of Mistresse Arden London: CW, 1633

Chaucer, Geoffrey A Complaint unto Pity

---------------------Complaint of Mars

----------------------Complaint of Venus

----------------------A Complaint to his Lady

Langland Piers Plowman c1368


Anon Testamentum Grunnii Corocottae Porcelli ?1st C AD

A pig writes his will before being cast into the pot. Noteworthy because St. Jerome in his Commentary on Isaiah states that many school children have recited this in merriment.

Nashe, Thomas Summer's Last Will and Testament 1600


Satirical masque

Villon, François Petit Testament 1456

---------------------Grand Testament 1461