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The Symbolic Literature of the Renaissance

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Contributions to the bibliography can be made by emailing rraybould@camrax.com. Contributions can be either new entries or additions or corrections to existing entries. Please make the contributions in the format already used, that is:

Author last name, author first name (author’s dates) Title Town of publication: Publisher, Date of Publication. Sources.

A synopsis of the book of any length. If this is of more than about two lines, the synopsis will be accessed via a link to a separate page.

Full publishing history can be given including dates of different editions.

Contributions will be acknowledged by name, title and academic qualifications in any reasonable format with reciprocal links to the contributors web site if desired.

When Emailing please use the subject ‘Bibliography’  and this will bypass the SPAMblocker. If you have used this subject and get a subsequent prompt to repeat the message, you can ignore this prompt. 


*A - Allen, Don Cameron Mysteriously Meant Baltimore: Johns Hopkins, 1970
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*G - Graesse, J.G.T. Trésor de Livres Rares et Précieux Geneva: Dresde, 1859
*L - Laurens, F.V. La Raison des Figures Symboliques à la Renaissance et à l’Âge Classique Geneva: Droz, 2000
*M - Menestrier, Claude-Francois La Philosophie des Images Enigmatiques Lyons: Baritel, 1694
*P - Da Filippi, Michele The Literary Riddle in Italy in the 16th Century University of California Press 1948


This web site has been constructed and researched by Robin Raybould who was born, raised and educated in the UK. He received MA and LLM degrees from Cambridge University where he studied medieval and modern European history. Much of the material in this book is taken from his own collection of early symbolic literature. He now lives with his family in New York City.

*CLN indicates a contribution by Dr. Chris Nighman, Asst. Professor, Department of History and Co-ordinator, Medieval Studies Program at Wilfrid Laurier University, 75 University Ave. W. Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2L 3C5, 519-884-0710 ext. 3134 cnighman@wlu.ca

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