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Anon Les Prophéties de Merlin Paris: nd (1521?)

3 volumes: each from a different printer

Aratus, Arati Phaenomena Paris: Tiletanum, 1540

-----------------------Phaenomena et Prognostica Paris: Morel, 1559

Bogardus, Arnoldus Prognosticum Futurum Temporum et Annorum Perpetuo Duraturm Antwerp: J. Leous, 1552

Castalione, Sebastiano Sybillina Oracula de Graeco in lat Basel: Ioannis Operini, 1546

Dale, Anthony van Orakelen Amsterdam: Boom, 1687

1st edition. 2nd Latin edition in 1700

Des Périers Prognostications des Prognostications 1537

Gallé, Servatius Dissertationes de sibyllis Amsterdam: Boom, 1688

Grünpeck, J. Dissertationes de sibyllis Amsterdam: Boom, 1688

Hebenstreit, J. Spiegel der Naturlichen Himlischen und Prophetischen Sehungen Aller Trubsale, Angst, un(d) not Leipzig: W. Stöckel, 1522

Joachim, Abbot of Fiore Vaticinia sive Prophetiae Venice: Porro, 1589

First illustrated edition, has 33 emblem-like engravings and includes the prophesies of Anselmo, Bishop of Marisco.
Also: Venice: Bertoni Libraro al Pellegrin, 1600 [1605]

Lichtenberger, Johannes Pronosticatio Venice: 23 August 1511

Published for the first time in Modena, in 1492.

--------------------------Trübsal der gantzen Welt No place or printer, 1621

--------------------------Dese Practica und Prognostication Strasbourg: Beck, 1534

1st edition Strasbourg 1488 or Heidelberg 1488. Translated into German and Italian in 1492, many editions.

Magica Zoroastri oracula Paris: Tiletan, 1538 *L 46

This was the first printing of the Chaldaic Oracles brought to the Council of Florence by Plethon in 1439. It had the commentaries of both Plethon and Psellos. Another edition Paris: 1589 in a bilingual edition by Opsopeus

Menestrier La Philosphie des Images Enigmatiques 1694 [385]

Merlin Les Prophetéties de Merlin Paris: n.p., 1521-1522

Nesi, Giovanni L’Oraculum de novo Saeculum *L 65

Nostradamus Centuries et Propheties 1550

These were written in verse and foretold one thousand future events.
Also: Rouen Caillové, Viret & Besongne, 1649

Also: Lyon: 1665

Also: Lyon: S.N., 1568
Also: Les Vrayes Centuries et Propheties Amsterdam, Jansson, 1668
Also: The True Prophecies or Prognostications London: Ratcliffe & Thompson, 1672. First edition in English.

------------------------Prophecies de M. Michel Nostredamus Lyon: Bonhomme, 1555

Dated 1561 but actually issued near 1588. Only three examples known. Also another edition: Lyons: Rigaud, 1591

Paracelsus Prognosticatio 1536

32 prophesies

Prophetic visions of the emperors Severus [Alexander] and Leonis [Leo VI the Wise] Brescia: Marchetti, 1596

Visions foretelling the defeat of the Turks, with some other prophecies on the subject. 

Sachs, Hans Ein Wonderliche Weissagung Zwickau: Gabriel Kantz, 1527

Sybilline Oracles 1545

Greek edition by Xystus Betuleius (edition Princeps)  

Sybilline Oracles 1546

Latin edition Sebastione Castallione

Sibylline Oracles Paris: A. l'Angelier, 1607

Johannes Opsopoeus. His "Sibyllina" first appeared in 1589.
Another edition Amsterdam: widow of T. Boom, 1688-89

Vossius,  Isaac  de sybillinis Oraculis liber 1679

For a digital collection: www.prophesies.it.