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Alain, de Lille en Flandres Les paraboles de maitre Alain, Paris: Verard, 1492

Another edition Paris: Pierre Sergent et Jehan Longis, 1530-40

Alanus De Insulis Liber Parabolarum 12th C

Moral sentiments in verse. First printed edition by Verard 1492. In later editions also called the proverbs *G I 49

Amstelredamus, Alardus Similtudines Lyons: Frellon, 1543

Anon Alphabet of Tales


Anon Flores Paradysi

Topics in alphabetical order for sermons 

Anon Pharetra doctorum et philosophorum

For sermons

Anon Speculum Exemplorum 1481?

Fourth edition, Argent, 1490

Bernard, St.  (1090 - 1153) Floretus Cologne: Quentell, 1st printed edition before 1492 

Versified instructions on the prayer book in the language of picking flowers 

de Fournival, Richard Sensuyt le Bestiaire Damours Paris: Alain Lotrian, 1529

Erasmus, D. Parabolae sive similium liber 1514

Another edition, Strasbourg: Knobloch, 1521

Exner, Balthasar (ed.) Valerius Maximus: Dictorum et Factorum Meorabilium Hanau: Aubry & Schleich, 1620

Farinator, Matthias Lumen Animae early 15th C

A handbook of illustrative examples for preachers

Holcot, Robert Moralitates 1586

A collection of exempla

Meder, J. Parabola Filii Glutonis Profusi Atque Prodigi Basel: M. Furter, 1510

Fourth Edition, with 3 different printer's devices and 18 full-page woodcuts

Ruiz, Juan Libro de Buen Amor 14th C


Sánchez, Clemente Libro de los enxienplos por A.B.C.

More than 500 short stories composed or retold by this Spanish Archdeacon

de la Tour Landry, Geoffrey The Book of the Knight of the Tour Landry 1371-2

A handbook of instructional parables for his daughters which became very popular and was widely copied and translated.

Parallels or Similes

Alard Selectae similitudines Cologne: Gymnich, 1539

Cawdray, Robert A Treasury or Storehouse of Similies 1600 

A collection of proverbial comparisons in the common place tradition

Meres, Francis Palladis Tamia 1598

The second part of Wits Commonwealth; a commonplace book with quotations and similitudes from 125 English writers, published by John Bodenham.

Spencer, John Things Old and New, or storehouse of similes London 1658

A collection of proverbial comparisons

Werdmiller, Otho Similitudines ab omni animalium Zurich: 1555