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Alanus de insulis Anticlaudianus Venice: 1582

Written in the 12th century. A mixture of cosmology and mythology.
See Silvestris

Albricus The Images of the Gods Rome: c1480, 1510; Florence; c1492 and 1495-1600; Vienna: 1510, 1523; Basle: Hervagiana 1549 and 1570; Paris: 1578

In a Mythology of Latin Authors. Amsterdam: Wetstenium & Smith, 1742.

Pseudo-Albricus Libellus de imaginibus deorum Paris: Jean de Marnef, 1520; Basle: 1549

This was originally thought to be by Albricus but is now known to be a much later Epitome

Andrae, Johann Valentin Mythologiae Christianiae Strasbourg: Zetzner, 1618-9

This is the supposed founder of the Rosicrucians

Anon Opuscula mythological physic et ethica Cambridge: 1671

Apollodorus Antheniensis Grammatici Bibliotheces Heidelberg: Commeliniana, 1599.

1st edition Rome 1555. Another edition Estienne 1559. Third edition is Saumur: Lenerium, 1661. This is Apollodorus' only complete work.

Aratus Phaenomena graece Basel: Hervagiana, 1549

Another edition Venice: 1499

Bacon, Francis De sapientiae veterum 1609

-------------------------The Wisedome of the Ancients London: Bill, 1619

Translated by Arthur Gorges

Baldini, Baccio Mascherata della Geneologia degl’Iddei de’ Gentili Florence: Giunti, 1565

Another edition Florence 1575

Bateman, Stephen The Golden Book of the Leaden GodsLondon: Marshe, 1577

Excerpts translated from Pictor and Cartari. Facsimile ed. New York: Garland, 1976

Baudouin, Jean Mythologie Paris: 1627

Boccaccio Giovanni Genealogiae Deorum Gentilium Vicenza: Bevilaqua, 1487

10 editions printed before 1532. The earliest in 1472 by de Spira in Venice. Facsimile edition by Vincenzo Romano also in 1472. A French edition, Paris: Le Noir, 1531. The next edition was printed in 1548 and 12 Italian editions printed after that date.

Cartari, Vincenzo Imagini degli Dei, Venice: Marcolini, 1556

1st edition 126pp
2nd Edition 1571 566 pages with 88 pictures. 2 parts – 1. gods representing eternal concepts 2. Earthly concepts Final Part deals with Platonic idea that life is a hell where man is at the mercy of Fate.
An Italian edition, Lyons: Michel, 1581
Another edition Venedig: F. Ziletti, 1580

-------------------------Imagines Deorum Lyons: Honorat, 1581

1st Latin edition. A French edition published the same year by same publishers.

------------------------Le Imagini dei dei de gli antichi Venice: Marc Antonio Zaltieri 1592

-----------------------Les Images de Dievx des Anciens

1st French edition Lyons: Michel 1581

------------------------Neu-Eroffneter Gossen-Tempel Frankfurt: 1692

Comes, Natalis Mythologia Padua: Tozzi, 1616

Conti, Natale Mythologiae Venice: 1577

This is a moral and allegorical study of the Gods. Book X summarizes with an outline of the ‘hidden wisdom’ of the myths.
1st edition Venice: Aldus, 1551. Other editions: Frankfurt: Wechel, 1584; Tournon: Guillaume Linocier, 1596; Padua: Pauli Frambotti, 1637. English translation in 2 vols. by John Mulryan and Steven Brown Tempe: Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2006
See Modern Scholarship on Conti

Diodorus Siculus Bibliothecae Hanau: Wechel, 1611

Du Verdier Imagines deorum Lyons: 1581

Fraunce, Abraham Amintas Dale 1589

Fulgentius Mythologiarum Libri III Basel: Hervagiana, 1549

Gale, Thomas Opuscula mythologica physica et ethica (Greek and Latin) Amsterdam: Wetstenium, 1688

Giraldus De Deis gentium varia et multiplex historia Basle: Oporinus, 1548

Only 3 editions.  Most scholarly of all mythologies.  Interested in etymology of gods names rather than allegorical interpretation.
Also: Syntagmata, de deis gentium Lyons: Jacobi Junctae, 1545

Heraclitus De Allegoriis Venice: Aldus, 1505

Herold, Johannes Heydenweldt Basel: 1554

Hyginus, Gaius Julius Poeticon Astronomicon Venice: Ferrara, 1475

First edition. Another edition, Venice: de Blavis, 1482; Another ed., Venice: Erhard Ratholt, 14 October 1482. Also 1488; reprint of third edition, Venice: Erhard Ratdolt, 1485.

First illustrated edition, and the first book to contain printed representations of the constellations.

Another edition Venice: Sessa & Ravani, 1517

--------------------------Aureum Opus Paris 1512

-------------------------Fabularum liber Basel: Johann Herwag, 1535

Another ed., Basel: Hervagium, 1549.

-------------------------Mythographi Latini Amsterdam: Someren, 1681

Leonardo, Camillo Speculum lapidum Venice: 1502
Lubinus, Eilhardus Fax Poetica sive genealogia deorum Rostock: 1598

Lucian Deorum Dialogi numero 70 Strassburg: Joannes Schott, 1515

One of the first Greek books printed in Germany

Madrigal, Alonso La Sucesion de los dioses de los gentiles Antwerp: 1551

1st ed. Salamanca, 1506-7

Marolles, Michel de Tableaux de Temple des Muses Paris: Favereux, 1655

Montefalco De Cognominibus deorum Perugia: 1525

Munkerus, Thomas Mythographi Latini. C. Jul. Hyginus Amsterdam: Joannes à Someren, 1681

First edition. With Hyginus' Poeticon Astronomicon.

Mythography Latini Amsterdam: Someren, 1681

Commentaries by Thomas Muncker. Chief texts included are Hyginus's Fabulae and Poeticon Astronomicon. See Fables. First edition of a similar work with the same title, edited by Hieronymus Commelin and published in Heidelberg in 1599.

Ortelius, Abraham Deorum dearumque capital ex vetustis numismatibus Antwerp: 1572

Palaephatus Palaephati scriptoris Graeci Opusculum De non Credendis Fabulosis narrationibus Bologna: Benedictus Hector, 1515

Another edition Basel: Hervagiana, 1549

Paleotto, Gabriele Discorso intorno alle imagini sacre e profane Bologna: 1581

Perez de Moya, Juan Philosophia Secreta con el origgen de los idolos, o dioses Madrid: 1585

Phornutus De natura deorum Basel: Hervagiana, 1549

Another edition Venice: 1505

Pictor, George Theologia Mythologica Freiburg im Breisgau, 1532

First mythological encyclopaedia of Renaissance. In dialog form, 2nd book on mythology, Apotheseos 1558 expanded edition.

----------------------De apotheosi Basel: 1558.

----------------------- Apotheosos tam Exterarum Gentium quam Romanoram Deorum 1558

----------------------Physicarum quaestionum centuriae unde gentiles dii Basle: 1568

Pignoria, Lorenzo Discorso intorno le delta dell'Indie orientali et occidentali Padua: 1615

Pomey, Francois Antoine Pantheum mythicum Lyons: 1675

Third edition

Proclus Sphaera (trans. Thomas Linacre, both Greek & Latin) Basle: Hervagiana, 1549

Rosse, Alexander Mel heliconium or political honey gathered out of the weeds of Parnassus London: Leak, 1642/3

Sallust De Diis et mundo Rome: 1638

Greek and Latin

Silvestris, Bernard De universitate mundi

12th C mixture of cosmology and mythography

Tritonius, Antonius Mythologia Bologna: 1560

Verderius Imagines Deorum 1581

Victoria, B de Teatro de los Dios Salamanca: 1620

Virgil, Polydore De gli inventori delle cose Florence: 1592

Vitoria, Baltasar de Theatro de los dioses de la gentilidad Madrid: 1620

1st & 2nd parts by Vitoria, 3rd part by Juan Bautista Aguilar

Vossius, Gerardus Joannes De theologia gentili Amsterdam: 1641

Zucchi, J. Discorso sopra le dei de'gentili Rome: 1602