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The following are just a personal and representative selection of the vast number of editions of the Metamorphoses published during the Renaissance and before. See http://extext.virginia.edu/latin/ovid for many further links and editions.

Aldus 1502

This volume was the first of 3 vols with all Ovid’s works.

Anguillara, Giovanni dell’ Metamorfoseo Venice: Zoppini, 1554-1561

Italian trans. In Ottava Rima 1580 

Arnulf of Orleans 12th C Allegoriae super Ovidii Metamorphosin ms *A165

Moral explanation to each story. 

Apuleius, Lucius Ein hübsche history von L. Apuleius in gestalt eines esels verwandelt Strassburg: Grüninger, 1499

------------------------Metamorphoseos liber Rome: Sweynheym et Pannartz, 1469

Other editions, Venice: de Sancto Urso, 1488; Bologna: Hectoris, 1500, with commentary by Philippo Beroaldo; Venice: 1501; Florence: de Giunta, 1512; Venice: Aldi, 1521; Gouda: van der Hoeve, 1650; Paris: Thiboust, 1623.

-----------------------The Xi Bookes of the Golden Asse London: 1566

Translated by William Adlington

-----------------------Libro de lucio apuleyo del Anso de oro Seville: 1513

-----------------------Apulegio volgare Venice: Nicolo d'Aristotile et Vincenzo de Polo, 1518

-----------------------Lucius Apulei de Lasne dore Paris: Janot, 1522

Banier, L'abbe Metamorphoses d'Ovide Amsterdam: Wetstein & Smith, 1732. *A 198

Bardi, Favole d’Ovidio istorico 1684 *A 198

1696 Childs version 80 stories 78 etchings

Bonsignori, Giovanni 1497 14th C  published as Ovidio Metamorphoseos vulgare *A 177 

Prose. Cuts by the same artist as Poliphili. 150 stories made into Christian allegories

Ciofani, Ercole In Omnia P. Ovidii Nasonis Opera Observationes 1575

Dolce, Lodovico Le Transformationi Venice: 1561

Golding, Arthur The Metamorphoses 1567

1st 4 books only 

Feyerabend 1582 ex postrema recognitione Jacobi Mycilli

176 woodcuts by Virgil Solis      

Fraunce, Abraham The third part of the Countesse of Pembrokes Yuychurch 1592 *A 187

Translation in English of 16 myths from Ovid.

Gottfried, Johann L. Metamorphoseon 1619

Prose summary with extensive commentary

Garland, John of Integumenta Ovidii ms 13th C *A165

Garth, Samuel (John Dryden) Metamorphoses 1717

Lavinius, Petrus Commentary on 1st book of Metamorphoses in Les Illustrations de Gaule 1510 *A 175

Metamorphoses Ovidii Paris: Marnef et Cavellat, 1570 and 1583. 178 woodcuts.

Ovid’s Metamorphoses Nuremberg: Furst, 1641

Le Metamorfosi d’Ovidio Venice: Griffio, 1561

Metamorphoseon Libri XV Venice: Calepino, 1550

Les Metamorphoses Brussels: Foppens, 1677

Ovidius Naso, Publius Metamorphoseon Venice: Aldus, 1502.

Another edition Metamorphoses Paris: Simon de Colines, 1529
Another edition, Feyerbend and Galli, 1563
Another edition, Frankfurt: Feyerabend, 1571
Another edition Metamorphoses Paris: De l'Imprimerie Royale, 1677
Another edition Metamorphoseon Venise: Moretus, 1586
Dutch translation by Joost van den Vondel Amsterdam: Abraham de Wees, 1671
Another edition Lyon: Antoine Gryphe, 1585
Another edition Milan: Gorgonzola, 1520

----------------------- Venezia: Giunti, 1584

----------------------- Paris: Imprimerie Royale, 1676

These rondeaux are the works of Isaac Benserade, academician and expert in allegorical allusion. See, Couton, Ecritures codées, p. 139. There is also a two-volume oblong set which contains only the illustrations. Probably an 18th c. reprint; small descriptive titles have been added to the top of the plate.

Placidus, Luctatius (known as Lactantius; not the Christian father) Narrationes ms before 12th C *A 164

Early summary of the stories.

Regio, Rafaello Metamorphoses Padua: 1503 *A 196

One edition of this reprinted 12 times in 7 years 2nd edition sold more than 50,000 copies

Renouard, Nicolas Metamorphoses 1614 

French trans. Reprinted at least 13 times

Ridewall, John Fulgentius metaforalis ms c1330 *A166

Each god is pictured and associated with a good or bad quality.

du Ryer, Pierre Metamorphoses 1660

Sanchez de Viana, Pedro Las Transformaciones de Ovidio Valladolid: 1589

Sandys, George Metamorphoses Oxford: 1621

‘The first book written in America.’ First published in five parts and then as a whole in London in 1626. First illustrated edition in 1632. 
Edited by Hulley and Vandersall University of Nebraska Press, 1970.
Another edition, Oxford: John Lichfield, 1630.

Schuler, George Fabularum Ovidii interpretatio 1555 *A 179

Later editions 1572 and 3. Also published Cambridge 1584 edited by Thomas who was the first university printer.

Spanmuelller, Jacob Symbolorum libri XVII 1599

‘Finest series of annotations by a Renaissance scholar.’

Spreng, Johannes Metamorphoses *A180

In elegiac Latin verse and illustrated by Virgil Solis

Symeoni The Metamorphoses 1559

Cuts by Bernard Salomon. Another edition 1584

T.H. The Fable of Ovid treating of Narcissus 1560

Typical of many publications of single Ovid stories allegorized.

Tempesta, Antonioni Metamorphoseon 1606

Tritonio, Antonio Metamorphoses 1560

Allegorization later included in Conti’s Mythologia

Virgilio, Giovanni del Allegorie librorum Ovidii *A165

Friend of Dante

Wales, (Walleys) Thomas of Metamorphosis Ovidiana moraliter Paris 1509 or 1511

Other editions Lyons 1513, *A 168 Actually composed by Pierre Bersuire in the 14th C. *A 169 Some of Bersuire’s allegorical material taken from the Ovide Moralisé. Each story is interpreted in the classic 4 ways.
See Moss

Other editions:
Colard Mansion epitomized and debased 1484
Verard Bible des Poetes metamorphoses 1493
Caxton Ovyde his booke of Methamorphose translated but never published.

Walsingham, Thomas de Archana Deorum ms 15th C *A166