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Agen, Bishop Novelle of Bandello

Aernout van Overbeke (1632 – 1674) Anecdota sive historiae jocosae

Manuscript collection of 2440 jokes, comic anecdotes and apothegms Ed Dekker and Rodenburg 1991

Anon Advineaux Amoureux Bruges: Colard Mansion, 1477

First book of Facetiae printed in France Only 2 known copies *G I 22

Anon Carmina Cantabrigiensia 11th century

(Cambridge Songs)

Anon Facetiae Domenichi 1548  

Anon Gammer Gurton's Needle 1575

Early English farce

Anon Hundred Mery Talys

16th century joke book

Anon Le Moyen de Parvenir

Anon Les Agreables Entretiens Paris 1654

Comic, gallant and facetious conversations with a collection of epitaphs *G I 43

Anon Liber Faceti Leipzig: Kachelofen, 1490

The second of three 15th-c. Latin/German editions. First edition Leipzig: Landsberg 1486-1488.

Anon Nugae Venales sive thesaurus ridendi & iocandi Amsterdam: 1648

Anon Schertz mit der Warheyt Frankfurt am Main: Hiers of Christian Egenoff the Elder, 1563

Arlotto, Mainardi Facetie, Piacevoleze Florence: Zucchetta, N.D.

Another ed., 1500; Venice: de Trino, 1520; Venice: Zopino, 1520; Milan: Rothomagensem, 1523; Venice: 1525; Venice: 1538; Venice: 1548; Florence: 1565; Paris: 1650.

Des Autels, Guillaume History of Fanfreluche and Gaudichon 1578

A poor imitation of Rabelais

Badius, Jocodus Ascensius. Nauis stultifere collectanea Paris: J. Badius Ascensius, July 1, 1513

Bargagli, Girolamo (1537-1586) Dialoghi de’ giochi Siena: Bonetti, 1572

Another edition Venice: Antonio Bertano, 1575

Bebel, Heinrich Facetiarum libri tres Tubingen: ex officina U. Morhart, 1550

Another edition Tubingen: 1570

Bourdigne, Charles de Legende de Pierre Faifeu 1526

2nd edition 1531 reprinted by Custelier in the 18th Cent.

Bracciolini, Poggio Liber Facetiarum by 1471


------------------------The Facetiae of Poggio Bracciolini Paris: Isadore Lisieux, 1879

Brantome Dames Galantes

Brinsley, John Ludus Literarius London: 1612

Brusoni, Lucio Facetiarum exemplorumque Basle: 1559.

Calmo, Andrea Le Giocose moderne et facetissime Trivigi: Zanetti, 1600

Cusanus (Nicholas of Cusa) De Ludo globi written c1463

(The Game of the Sphere)

Dekker, Thomas Newes from Hell 1606

Domenichi, Ludovico Facetie, Motti, Burle Venice: 1567

------------------------Facetie et motti arguti di alcuni eccellentissimi ingegni Torrentino: Firenze, 1548

Doni, Anton Francesco La Zucca del Doni Venice: Marcolini, 1551

Another edition, Venice: Matteo Zanetti e Comino Presegni, 1595.

Estienne, Henri Parodiae morales 1575

There are two parts. First, it includes a register of Latin sententiae, each accompanied by a Greek translation and a series of ‘parodies’ on the original. Then there are two discourses on parody and cento in both Greek and Latin. Cento is a genre in which the author ‘patches’ together a piece entirely out of extracts from other works.

Facetiae Facetiarum Willems 1635

Fischart, Johann Geschichtskliterrung

Translation of Rabelais 1575 and comic catelogue of library of Saint Victor.

Flitner Nebulo Nebulorum Frankfort: Jacob Zetter, 1620

Latin adaptation of Thomas Murner's Schelmenzunft from 1512 with 33 copperplate emblems two mottoes, 1 for poem 1 for plate and a prose commentary.  

Harington, Sir John Nugae antiquae London: 1769-1775

Head, Richard Nugae London: 1675

Hulsbusch, Johannes Sylva sermonum iucundissimorum Basel: Apiarus, 1568

A colletion of ribald tales.

Journal of Heroard

Louis XIII’s doctor who wrote details of the royal conversations.

Maier, Michael Jocus Severus 1617

Mainardo, Arlotto (1396-1483) Facetie: Fabule: Motti Venice: 1532

Molnar, Albert Lusus Poetici 1614

Pauli, Johann Schimpf und Ernst 1522

A collection of humorous German stories

Philogelos 4th/5th C AD

(The Laughter Lover) 265 jokes possibly compiled by Hierocles or Philagrios. Probably the oldest surviving joke book.

Placentius, J Nugae Venales Niverstadii: Aureum, 1681

Politian Detti piacevoli 1478

Poncino (della Torre Cremonese) Le Piacevoli e ridicolose facetie Cremona: 1581

First ed. had 40 stories.
Another ed. Venice: Vincente Fratelli, 1607 had 87 stories

le Roux, Philibert Joseph Dictionnaire comique, satirique, critique, libre et proverbial Amsterdam: Le Cene, 1718

de la Salle, Antoine Cent Nouvelles Nouvelles 1486

Straparole Les facetieuses nuicts du seigneur Straparole Paris: Guerin, 1726

First edition 1550-1553

Tabourot, Etienne Les Bigarrures Rouen: Geoffrey, 1616-1621

Another ed., Paris, Maucroy, 1662; Another ed., n.p., 1884

------------------------Les contes facécieux Rouen: Berthelin, 1620

Tarleton, Richard Newes and of Purgatorie 1599

Techener Collection de Facéties

Wickram, Jorg Das Rollwagenbiichlein 1555

A collection of farcical anecdotes