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Agustin, Antonio Dialogos de medallas, inscriciones y otras antiguedades Tarragona: 1587

Aicher, Otto Hortus Variarum Inscriptionum Salisb. 1676 *G I 47

--------------------Theatrum funebre Salisb. 1673 *G I 47

Alberti, L.B De Re Aedificatoria Florence: Alamannus, 1485

One chapter on inscriptions

Aleandro, Girolamo Antiquae tabulae marmoreae Rome: 1616

Almeloveen, Theodoor Jansson (1657 – 1712) Collectio monumentorum Amsterdam: Brouning 1684

Amantius, B and Apianus, P Inscriptiones sacrosanctae vetustatis Ingolstadt: 1534

Anon Les Agreables Entretiens Paris 1654

(Conversations comic, galants and facetious with a collection of epitaphs) *G I 43

Anon Mausoleum: The Choicest Flowres of the Epitaphs Edinburgh: Hart, 1613

Apianus, Petrus Inscriptiones sacrosanctae vetustatis Ingolstadt: Apianus, 1534

First and only edition. of the 'first world-corpus of classical inscriptions' (Mandowsky & Mitchell)

Aragonese, Sebastiano Monumenta antiqua Urbis [Brescia]: 1564

First and only edition. Latin inscriptions on monuments found in the vicinity of Brescia

Ausonius Epitaphes des Heros

Bancroft, Thomas Two bookes of epigrammes and epitaphs London: Walbancke, 1639

Boissard, Jean-Jacques Antiquitates Romanae 1597-1602

6 volumes

Camden, William (1551-1623) Remaines concerning Britain London: Waterson and Clavell, 1657

Chytraeus, Nathan (1543-1598) Variorum in Europa itinerum Deliciae Herborn: Corvinum, 1599

Colocci, Angelo Epigrammata Antiquae Rome: Mazzoch, April 1521

Crasso, Nicolo (1580-c1633) Elogia patritiorum venetorum Venice: Deuchino, 1612

Giovio, Paulo Le inscrittioni de gli huomini famosi Florence: Torrentino, 1552

Giovio was the authority on the rules for creating the device.

Googe Eclogues, Epitaphs and Sonnets 1563

Grüter, Jan Inscriptiones antiquae Heidelberg: Commelin 1602/3

2 versions and 2 volumes. Had 12,000 inscriptions.

Heraeus, Carl Gustav Inscriptiones et symbola varii argumenti Nurnberg: Monath, 1721

Herbert, George Witt's Recreations London: Blunden, 1640

Other editions 1641, 1645, 1650. Final edition had 700 epigrams and 200 epitaphs.

Hessus, Helius Eobanus (1488-1540) Epitaphia, Epigrammata Composita Nurnberg: Peypus, 1531

Hüttich, Johannes Collectanea antiquitatum Mainz: 1520

This was a reissue of Peutinger’s work of the same year with some of his own inscriptions added

Labbe, Philippe (1607-1667) Thesaurus Epitapharium Veterum Paris: Meturas, 1666

Second edition Paris: Horthemels, 1686

Ligorio, Pirro Libro delle antichita di Roma Venice: 1553

Some of the inscriptions in this book may have been fake.

Mazochi, Giacomo Epigrammata antiquae urbis Rome: 1521

3,000 inscriptions

Menesterier, Claude Francois Histoire du Roy Louis le Grand Paris: I.B. Nolin 1691

Second edition (1st: 1689)

Pannonius, Kristof (1515-1590) Epitaphium Vitebergae: 1548

Peutinger, Conrad Romanae vetustatis fragmenta Ratdolt, 1505

Another edition Mainz 1520; Inscriptions from Augsburg. Peutinger was the publisher of the 1st unauthorized edition of Alciato’s emblems.

Ricqui, Iustus Three Books of Epitaphs Gandavi: Kircher, 1624

de Ronsard, Pierre Elegies 1565

Simeoni, Gabriele Illustratione de gli epitaphi et medagli antiche (Les illustres observationes antiques) Lyons: de Tournes, 1558

Published simultaneously in French and Italian. Also describes Medals.

Smet, Martin Inscriptionum antiquarum Antwerp: 1588

Sweerts, Pierre-Francois Selectae christiani orbuis deliciae Cologne: Gurarterus, 1567

A compilation of epitaphs from some 80 authors.

-----------------------Epitaphia Ioco-Seria Cologne: Bernard Gaultheri, 1623

----------------------Monumenta sepulcralia et inscriptiones Antwerp: Bellerum, 1613

Turberville, George Epitaphs, Epigrams, Songs, Sonets 1567

Varro Hebdomades vel de imaginibut libri XV. 

700 portraits with short life and epigram.

Welser, Marcus Inscriptiones antiquae Augustae Vindelicorum Venice: 1590

----------------------Rerum Augustae Vindelicorum commentarii Frankfurt 1594 and Venice 1594