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Bacon, Francis On Masques and Triumphs

An essay

Barlaeus, Caspar Entry of Marie de Medici into Amsterdam Blaeu, 1638

Grazzini, Antonio F Tutie i trionfi, carri, mascherati per Firenze Lucca, 1750

Gualterotti, Raffaello Feste nelle Nozze del Serenissimo Don Francesco Medici Florence: Stamperia de' Griunti, 1579

Jonson, Ben The Masque of Blacknesse 1605

--------------------The Masque of Beautie 1608.

Leucht, Christian Leonard Cronen zur Zierd und Schutz Nuremberg: Loschge, 1690

Festival book celebrating the crowning of Joseph I as King of the Romans in 1690.

Maggio, Pietro Le Guerre Festive Palermo: Rummulo, 1680

Menestrier Claude-François Traité des Tournois, ioustes, carrousels et autres spectacles publics Lyons: Muguet, 1669

Milton, John Comus 1634

With a ‘slight’ plot, this masque illustrated Milton’s use of Aristotelian elements of drama.

Nashe, Thomas Summer's Last Will and Testament 1600

A satirical masque

See also: Bibliography of Festival Books in Watanabe-O’Kelly, Helen and Simon, Anne Festivals and ceremonies: a bibliography of works relating to court, civic and religious festivals in Europe 1500-1800 London: Mansell, 2000

Link: http://www.bl.uk/treasures/festivalbooks/homepage.html