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*=contributor or source; (...)=translation of title or work; [...]=relevant pages or chapter

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Anon Aenigmata et Griphi veterum et recentium Duaci, 1604  *G I 28

Also includes the Symbola of Pythagoras and Adages of Jo Aegidius

Anon Aenigmatographia Frankfurt: Palthen, 1602

First edition 1599

Anon Demaundes Joyous Wynkyn de Worde, 1511

Ausonius Griphi Ausoniani Enodatio ed. François Dubois, Paris 1516

Cato Distichs

Caussin, Nicholas Polyhistor Symbolicus 1618

Contains a collection of one hundred enigmas by Symphosius

Cenni, Angiolo Il Rissoluto *P

Colletet, Guillaume Nouveau receuil des plus beaux énigmes de ce temps Paris: Loyson: 1659 *B II 159

Croce, G.C. I Freschi della villa Milan: Malatesta nd *P

---------------------Notte solazzevole de cento enigmi Venice: de Vecchi, 1599 *P

---------------------Seconda nottre solazzevole de cento enigmi Bologna: del Cochi, nd *P

Cotin, Charles Receuil d’énigmes de ce temps Paris: Quinet, 1646 *B II 327

Daphne, Madonna L’Accademia d’Enigmi Venice: de Alessi, 1552 *P

Estienne des Sieurs, Henri L’art de faire les devises [16-20] Paris: Pâlé, 1645

Gifford, Humphrey Riddles

Translated out of Italian verse into English verse written 1598 Ed Brandl Jahrbuch XLV 1909 *P

Giraldi, Lilio Gregorio Aenigmata Basle: Oporinus, 1551

Grosnet, Pierre Motz Dorez

A collection of riddles, ballads, distichs and proverbs many of them bawdy or lighthearted and including some of the first poems printed in vernacular French. The book went through some fifteen editions.

Heidfeld, Johann Sphinx Theologica-Philosophica Herbern: 1600

At least 13 editions--the last in 1772 a translation into German and Dutch. A book of aphorisms and riddles.

Junius, Hadrianus Emblemata …Eiusdem Aenigmatum Libellus Antwerp: Plantin, 1565

Primarily an emblem book but it includes 100 Enigmas

Masen, Jacob Speculum Imaginum Cologne: Kinckii, 1650

Subtitled ‘exhibiting Symbols, Emblems, Hieroglyphs, Aenigmas’.

Menestrier, Claude-Francois La Philosophie des images enigmatiques, des enigmes, hieroglyphes Paris: 1682

de Mori da Ceno, Ascanio Giuoco piacevole 1575 *P

Musici, G. Rime diverse ingegnose Padua: Pasquali, 1570 *P

---------------------Nuove indovinelli curiosi et allegri Bologna: nd *P

Questa Demande d’Adovinà *P

Reusner, Nicolas Aenigmatographia Frankfurt: 1602 *G I 28

Sala, Pierre (c1457-1529) Enigmas

This contained 12 enigmas consisting of an illustration and a brief four line poem of which the last line usually consisted of a proverb.

Scaliger J.-C., Aenigmata et Griphi veterum ac recentium Duaci, 1604

Strapavole, Piacevoli Notti Venice: da Trino, 1550 – 1553*P

Very popular. 36 editions in 15th century.

-----------------------(Les facetieuses Nuits de Strapavole trans. Pierre Larivey 1576 published Paris: Janot, 1657)

Susenbrotus Epitome Troporum et schematum London, 1540

Other eds 1540, 1562

Sylvano, A Quarantat Aenigmas en lengua Espanola Paris: Beys, 1581 *P

-----------------------Cinquanta Aenigmas Françoises Paris: Beys, 1582 *P

Symphosius, Caelius Firmianus (4th or 5th C. AD) Erudita iuxta ac arguta et festiva Aenigmata Paris: Cyaneus, 1533

100 Enigmas consisting of 3 hexameters written for the feast of Saturnalia. Edited by Joachim Perion. See also Caussin.

Valenti, Ludovico Nuove indovinelli curiosi Bologna: nd *P