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Alain de Lille De Planctu Naturae, 12th Century

On the Complaint of Nature 12th Century.

Anon Brieves Remarques sur plusieurs songes Amsterdam: le Jeune 1690

Anon Dream Book of Daniel 12th Century

Anon Dream Book of Joseph 12th Century

Anon Nouvelles Fables Choisies Amsterdam: Daniel de la Feuille & La Haye, 1694

Anon Remarques curieuses sur plusieurs songes Amsterdam: JAcques le Jeune, 1690

Artemidorus The Interpretation of Dreams 3rd Century AD

Aposmasaris Apotelesmata 1577

Another edition, Lyons: Gryphius, 1546. Another ed., Froben & Episcopius, 1539, 1st Latin trans. by J. Cornasious.

Baillet, Adrien La Vie de Descartes Paris: Hosqhenels, 1691

Bunyan, John Pilgrim’s Progress London: 1678-1684

Cardano Somniorum Synesiorum Basel: Henricpetri, 1585

2nd edition

Chaucer, Geoffrey Parliament of Fowls c1380

-------------------------The House of Fame

Cicero The Dream of Scipio 1st Century BC

Colonna, Francesco Hypnerotomachia Poliphili Venice: Aldus, 1499 More

Douglas, Gawin The Palice of Honoure 1501

In Scottish verse, it describes the proper education of the courtier in Platonic terms: as an allegory of the approach to God.

Goodwin, Philip The Mystery of Dreames London: A.M. for Francis Tyton, 1658

Langlois, Pierre Discours des Hieroglyphes Aegyptiens, Emblemes, Devises & Armoiries. Aveques Plusieurs Interpretations des Songes et Prodiges Paris: Abel l'Angelier, 1584

Lorris, Guillaume with Jean de Meung Roman de la Rose Paris: Nicolas Des Prez, ca. 1498-1505

Macrobius, Ambrosius Aurelius Theodosius In somnium scipionis Paris: Estienne, 1585

Macrobius was a chief source of Platonism in early medieval Europe.

Mancini, Celso De Somniis Ferrara: Baldini, 1591

Menestrier, Claude-François La Philosphie des images: images enigmatiques Lyons: Baritel, 1694

Niphus, Augustinus Oneirocrita Aldus, 1518

First Latin translation by Cornaro - Froben and Episcopius, 1539.

Philo of Alexandria De Somniis 1st Century AD