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Dramatic Writings

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Anon Arden of Feversham London: Edward White, 1592

Anon Comedia chiamata Floriana Venice: da Sabbio, May 1523

Anon Comedia Intitolata Florence: Giunti, 1574

Anon Mariken van Nieumeghen, Dutch miracle play 1500

Anon The Pride of Life 14th C

Earliest English Morality Play

Aretino Orazia 1546

Italian tragedy

Ariosto, L. Comedia intitolata Venice: Zoppino, 1525

Bale, John Kynge Johan 1548

First English historical drama

Bibbiena (Cardinal Bernardo Dovizi) La Calandria 1513

A comedy

Cartwright, William Comedies, Tragi-comedies, with Other Poems London: For Humphrey Moseley, 1651

Also 1488; reprint of third edition, Venice: Erhard Ratdolt, 1485

Cremonini, Cesare Le pompe funebri, overo Aminta, e Clori Favola Ferrara: Vittorio Baldini, 1590

First edition of Cremonini's first published work, a pastoral drama dedicated to Alfonso II d'Este

Contile, Luca Comedia...chiamata La Cesarea Gonzuga Milan: 1556
--------------------La Commedia chiamata La Pescara Milan: 1550

---------------------La Commedia chiamata La Trinozzìa Milan: 1550.

van Diest, Peter Elckerlijk 1495

A morality play and the original of the English Everyman

Dolce, Ludovico Didone tragedia Venice: Figliuoli Aldo, 1547

del Encina, Juan Cancionero 1496

An Easter play

Ferro, Marcello La Chlori egloga pastorale Venice: Ricciardo Amadino, 1590

First edition of this five act pastoral drama

Ganier, Robert (1545 -1590) Les Juives 1583

A tragicomedy

Gascoigne, George The Supposes 1566

Prose comedy based on Lodovico Ariosto's Gli Suppositi

----------------------(with Kinwelmarsh Francis) Jocaste 1566/7

A domestic tragedy

Giraldi, Giambattista Cinzio Orbeche 1541

A tragedy on classical lines

Guarini, Battista ll Pastor fido 1583

A pastoral play. English version The Faithful Shepherd 1647.

Ingegneri, Angelo Danza di Venere, pastorale... Vicenza: Stamperia Nuova, 1584

First edition

Jodelle, Etienne Cléopâtre captive 1552

The first classical tragedy in French

Jonson, Ben Sejanus his Fall 1604

----------------------Eastward Hoe 1605

----------------------Catiline his Conspiracy 1611

Jordan, Thomas Money is an Asse London: Lillicrap, 1668

Kyd, Thomas The Spanish Tragedy 1592

La Fontaine, Jean de L'Eunuque Paris: Courbé, 1654

Lyly, John Endymion, the Man in The Moon 1591

An allegorical comedy

----------------------Midas 1592

----------------------Mother Bombie 1594

Machiavelli, Niccolò La Mandragola 1513

Marlowe, Christopher Doctor Faustus 1588

-----------------------Edward the Second 1594

-----------------------The Jew of Malta 1590

Miani, Valeria Celinda 1611

The only pre-18th century tragedy by a woman.

Naharro, Bartolomy de Torres Pro palladia 1517

A collection of seven Spanish comedies

Negro, Marin La pace comedia di M. Marin Negro Venezia: Francesco Rocca, 1561

Noci, Carlo La Cinthia favola boscareccia Naples: Carlino & Pace, 1594

First edition of this pastoral drama

Norton, Thomas and Sackville Thomas Gobuduc, or Ferrex and Porrex 1560

Sackville was first earl of Dorset and grand master of England's Freemasons. This is the earliest known English tragedy and the first historical tragedy in blank verse.

Oddi, Sforza degli L'erofilomachia Venice: Marchio Sessa, 1586

3rd edition of any early Italian prose comedy, named after the Batrachomyomachia (Battle of Mice and Frogs)
First edition Perugia: 1572, Second edition Venice: Giovanni Battista Sessa e fratelli, 1578.

-----------------------I morti vivi, 1576

----------------------La prigione d'amore, 1590

Papeus Petrus, Samarites Comoedia Cologne: Gymnicus, 1539

Many editions and commentators

Parabosco, Girolamo La Fantesca comedia nova Venezia: Stefano Alessi, 1556

Peele, George The Chronicle of Edward the First 1593

----------------------The Love of King David and Fair Bethsabe 1599

----------------------The Old Wives' Tale 1595

Razzi, Girolamo La balia comedia di M. Girolamo Razzi Firenze: Giunti, 1560

The prologue of La balia ("The Nurse") states that comedies should instruct as well as delight.

Reuchlin, Johann Henno 1498

A Latin comedy

------------------------Sergius 1496

A Latin comedy

de Rojas, Fernando Celestina 1499

One of the first Spanish comedies

Sachs, Hans Lisabetha 1546

A German tragedy

Saint-Long Les Amours de Colas Loudun: Chachereau, 1691

Salio, Giuseppe La Temista tragedia Padua: Comio, 1729

Secchi, Nicolò La Camariera comedia del Signor N.S. Venice: Cornelio Arrivabene, 1583

Skelton, John Magnyfycence 1515/6

A morality play

Speroni, Sperone Tragedia di M. Sperone Speroni Venice: Vincenzo Valgrisi, 1546

A very popular work - many editions.

Telesio, Antonio Imber Aureus 1529

Italian mythological tragedy

Trissino, Giovanni Giorgio Sofonisba 1515 

First play in blank verse

Udall, Nicholas Ralph Roister Doister 1552 

This is the earliest English comedy to survive its first year of performances. The play is modeled after a comedy by Plautus.

Venier, Maffeo Hidalba tragedia Venice: Andrea Muschio, 1596

Wilson, Robert Three Lords and Three Ladies of London 1590

A morality play